Recording Artist - Music Producer - Sound Engineer - Songwriter - Graphic Design & Film Editor

My name is Eddie Collazo, better known as Syncere Collazo in the world of music. I am currently a Music Production Major, Bachelor's of Science from Full Sail University. A Puerto Rican originally from Staten Island, New York. I had lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the past 12 years.

I am fluent in Logic Pro and still learning my way around Pro Tools. My contributing strength in music is songwriting, more specifically, lyrical content. I have produced both male and female R&B/Soul vocalist as well as written for hip hop artist.

Outside of music, I am proficient and accomplished in film, video editing, graphic design, drawing, web design, and photography. A former college football player for the New Mexico Highlands University and NFL hopeful for the Baltimore Ravens, health as always played a part in my lifestyle.

With a graduation date of May 2014, I have already accomplished some major strides in the music entertainment with both national and global explorer that with help me refine my craft.

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